Balance Tips for Busy Women Podcast

Balance Tips for Busy Women

Welcome to The Girls on the Big Blue Couch™ Show Episode 19. Today we are talking about balance tips for busy women. 

As women we all strive to have the perfect balance between our family, our personal well-being, and our careers. It can be tricky! According to Webster the word Balance means, “Mental and emotional steadiness.” 

This definition is most likely not the one that pops into your head. Most women define balance like this: My life will be balanced when I give 100% of myself to my husband, my children,  my work,  my home,  my church, and my hobbies, while still fitting in the laundry and making sure no one feels neglected or forgotten.”

Maybe you compare your life to that super mom down the street. Or, that crafty woman who house looks like your “someday” Pinterest board. But-You are looking for balance in YOUR life-not someone else’s. The truth is what is balance for one woman will be chaos for you


  1. We encourage you to listen to this podcast again pick the one area that you want to start improving on this week and share it with us in the comment section below

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