Back to School Prayers for Your Child #4

Back to School Prayers for Your Child

Blog Series #4 of 4

By, Raychel Chumley


Below you will find the 4th and final edition of the Back to School Prayers for Your Child. If you missed last week (prayer #3) you can find it here. 


Proverbs 15:13 “A glad heart makes a cheerful face.


Dear God,

I pray that  _____ (Insert Child’s Name) would be happy in school today. I pray that new discoveries, meaningful memories, and belly laugh moments fill his/her day.  Let her/his happiness be evident to all. Because you are a good God, who loves to give good gifts, I pray that smiles come quicker than frowns and little surprises fill his/her day. Fill his/her little cup of joy to overflowing.



~Coach Raychel 


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