ASK THE GIRLS: Time Management Podcast

ASK THE GIRLS: Time Management

The Girls on the Big Blue Couch™ Show

Episode 42

Mini Coaching Sessions is a new series for 2015 where we answer your questions on a short coaching call. Today we are sharing some time management tips in a very special episode with our guest, Ashley. Ashley was born with Cystic Fibrosis *Just like Mandy*, is a nursing student, and leads an active life. However, she struggles with time management and how to lead her life AND make time to take care of herself and her treatments. Listen in as Mandy walks her through her goals, her excuses, and helps her put a plan in place to manage her time and live her life with purpose and priorities.


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Mini Coaching Sessions Call…

Ashley’s question: I would like more tips on time management and ways to get enough sleep and still get everything done- specifically Mandy, like tips you have on how to make sure you don’t miss treatments and can still get places on time and still get enough sleep to function- I used to be really good at it and over the last year I have lost my abilities.


  • What are the things that make it difficult for you to stay on task right now?
  • When things were going well with this – what were you doing?
  • What is your schedule full of right now?


  1. Anticipate your excuses and set up boundaries for them (i.e. I get tired and lazy and don’t want to do my treatment when I’m relaxing on the couch sometimes. So, we bought a cheap $75 nebulizer on Ebay and it stays in the living room so that I get my breathing treatment done.)
  2. Day of REST!!!!
  3. Give yourself GRACE – some seasons are more hectic than others. If that’s the season you are in because of school, etc. then give yourself grace to let go of some things for a season so you can be your best in the current season you are in!