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Big Blue Couch® Coaching was established in 2014 by 2 Life Coaches & best friends, Mandy B. Anderson & Raychel Perman. THIS IS their STORY…

Once upon a time, there were two best friends – let’s call them Joy (Mandy) and Sadness (Raychel)– who helped each other overcome life’s biggest challenges from the comfort of a big blue couch.

Sadness helped Joy overcome depression, anxiety, and PTSD from losing her home in a fire. She offered Joy a big blue couch to live on when grief overwhelmed her and her husband was away for work. She encouraged Joy to keep fighting when a lifelong illness almost killed her. And…she cheered Joy on as she and her husband paid off six-figure debt and mended their marriage after a hard season.

Joy, in turn, helped Sadness find purpose through the dark years of postpartum depression. She adopted Sadness’ kids as her own nieces and nephew. She was fiercely loyal and let Sadness and her littles live with her as Sadness went through a devastating and traumatic summer. And…she helped Sadness find herself again when she embarked on the road to healing after leaving an abusive relationship.

Together, Joy and Sadness fought for their dreams and broke through glass ceilings. They marched on and stood up for those who didn’t have a voice. They spoke truth, walked by faith, and learned how to resolve conflict with honor (especially the imaginary kind!)

Now we, along with Mandy’s husband, Nate, own a company called Big Blue Couch® Coaching. We are on a mission to equip people from all walks of life to live beautifully whole, too!

The BBCC Mission

We believe that everyone can be an Overcomer. Our uniquely designed events, products, and coaching programs are birthed from our own experiences of rising up out of the ashes – and getting off that big blue couch in Raychel’s living room.

As we continue to grow into Beautifully Whole™ women, we invite you along for the journey. You’ll be encouraged, challenged, stretched, and most importantly – equipped. Equipped to erase the lies and labels that keep you stuck; equipped to gather your courage; equipped to build the communication, relationship, and personal skills needed to step into the Beautifully Whole™ Life you were designed to live!

The Future…

And when the time was right they created something new…


To learn more about Mandy B. Anderson click HERE.

To learn more about Raychel Perman click HERE.

Client Spotlight and Speaking Testimonials:

“Mandy and I go way back to our small town high school days. Periodically, we run into each other out in the big world. Recently, Mandy has been able to help me immensely while I worked through some difficult, personal items. Mandy’s methodology is a mix of straightforward, relatively classic approaches mixed with “take no prisoners” accountability. She has very capably managed a difficult, distracted personality by corralling it and forcing it to take account for itself. She has flexibly managed a very difficult and inconsistent schedule. Basically, she is impossible, in the best way possible. Someone who doesn’t take excuses for an answer, she makes you eat your metaphorical vegetables, because that’s what’s best for you.” -Lance D. Presser, PhD | Rockville, MD

“Working with Coach Mandy has helped me to break through so many limiting mindsets. I am taking action on things in my life that I have literally procrastinated on for years.” -Annette Martel | Bismarck, ND

“Coach Mandy is inspiring and uplifting! I have known her for years and she has helped me achieve great success personally and professionally. She strategically personalizes growth plans and provides supportive accountability coaching that motivate others to reach their goals.” -Julie Brown, Vice President of Hotel Operations and Sales | Fargo, ND

“I’ve held stuff inside for years, instead of dealing with things. I am dealing with those feelings now and letting go of the past…and I feel so much better. I know without Coach Raychel, I would have let those feelings and negative thoughts stay in my head. She has given me a whole new perspective in life.” -Carol S. | North Dakota

“I love the me I’m becoming with both Mandy and Raychel by my side!” Laura Moss, Certified Eating Psychology Coach | Bismarck, ND

Today I had my VIP session with coach Raychel. Wow! It was just what I needed. Together we came up with a easy to achieve plan for overcoming a little “hiccup” I had in my business and a transition I had to make but was dragging it around rather than tackling it. She gave me the encouragement and tools to get it done. I highly recommend a VIP session if you need to hone in and focus on a issue you have been stuck with or just need a boost. Thank you! Raychel.  -Susan B., Business Owner | Bismarck, ND

“This Mastermind day was filled with hands on activities to help me get my feet on the ground in developing a new business. Content was tailored to allow each person to work toward their own goals.” ~Andrea Pena

“I went into this Mastermind expecting to learn at least one thing, and left with a whole new mindset and motivation to grow and nurture my business. There was so much information that was designed to make you think and overcome objections, and being able to see you business through the eyes of other attendees was phenomenal.” ~Kari Reim

“If you are just starting a business, or have been operating a business for some time and you are stuck and not growing, this is great training to get the ideas flowing again!” ~Eric S.

“Although I’m not looking to start a business, this Mastermind was beneficial for me to examine my current jobs and family structure from a business standpoint. I can be family AND business oriented; I just need the mindset, habits, and accountability to make it happen. This Mastermind got the ball rolling!” ~Teresa

“The creative sharing to help each other achieve our goals and dreams was such an amazing part of the day. Such an amazing day for business growth!” ~Carrie Deckert, Nature’s Studio

“The knowledge that Mandy & Raychel shared is so amazing and prosperous! I am so blessed and grateful for this training!” ~Krista Schafer, Jez-Mir-Izing

“A group of my students were able to sit in on a session led by Big Blue Couch™ Coaching at the FCCLA state conference. They heard messages that contradicted the messages that are playing in their minds to them and about them. They received tools they can use in their lives that are relative and timely for this generation. I highly recommend Big Blue Couch™ Coaching to schools.” ~Carol Braunberger, Teacher and FCCLA Advisor

“Thank you so much for spending time and working with our team this season. We have enjoyed learning more about ourselves and each other and growing as a team. We appreciate the life skills you have taught us!” ~ CHS Girls Swim Team

“Raychel – thank you so much for sharing your heart and teaching us as women how to be BRAVE!” ~Joy International

“I attended “Celebrate Your Man” today. These women speak from the heart and share their authentic stories with passion and guide others with a leading from Jesus. What more could a wife ask for? Blessed abundantly today by Raychel, Mandy, (and Joette.) Thanks ladies!!” ~Jo W.

“BW Teens is a unique and interactive program that explains to students the power that negative self talk and negative labels have on everyday life. It explains to students the importance of finding the positive in everyday when the rest of the world tries to drag you down with negativity. Students identify well with the topic and it helps them to realize they aren’t the only individual in the world that are faced with difficult issues on a daily basis.” ~Kayla Kakela, FACS instructor

“Mandy and Raychel – Thank you for the most pleasant presentation we could ask for. It was a delightful evening and all that attended enjoyed it. We look forward to having you at future events and hope you will oblige! Thank you! Thank You!” ~Dakota Heartland Group – Thrivent Financial

“Thank you for all that you do and for genuinely helping me in so many areas of my life and always speaking the truth whether I want to hear it or not. I love you all!” ~Ashley F.

“I met Raychel and Mandy at a time in my life when my life was spinning out of control and my marriage felt hopeless. I honestly thought divorce was not a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’. Through months of intense one-on-one coaching and introspection with both Raychel and Mandy, I began to rediscover the self-worth and confidence I had sorely lacked for years. Through their incredibly skilled guidance, I always felt at ease in my sessions, which allowed me to open myself up for the sometimes difficult, yet necessary, questions to be asked. I’m elated to say my marriage is now better than ever, and I wouldn’t have been able to move forward without the compassionate guidance of Raychel and Mandy.” ~Alyssa F.

“I love the women at Big Blue Couch and what they stand for, they are zealous in helping women reach excellence, to overcome hindrances to fulfilling their God given purpose. This year, I have attended their Beautifully Whole Conference and I am now in their 12 week Beautifully Whole coaching program…I am changing and becoming beautifully whole in so many ways!” ~Sheila H.

“Mandy was absolutely brilliant, knowledgeable, engaging, and flipping hilarious!” -Ann Porter

“Thank you, Raychel, for sharing about the men in our lives last night at Evangel’s Girls Night Out! Great reminders and new information is always helpful for our relationships!” ~LaDonna Loehrke

“Had a great Java JOY last night with speaker Mandy B. Anderson sharing five keys to living a vibrant life! She inspired us all to rise above our circumstances and live as overcomers!” -Cari Bousfield

“Mandy B. Anderson delivers a palette of honor, strength, integrity, dignity and light hearted laughter in her call to enlighten and liberate your mind from distractions and barriers that may keep you from truly achieving your dreams. She is truly an inspirational sunrise!” – Celeste Ann Leier

“Just started listening to your podcasts yesterday. Really, really enjoying it! Thanks for keeping it real and helping others. You girls are easy peasy lemon squeezy to listen to.” ~Jo-c Mertz

“Your message was one of the most inspiring, uplifting, positive and truly honest services I have ever been to. I’ve been to plenty of ‘church services,’ but nothing compares to yours. These scriptures really hit home and spoke to me loud and clear!” – Linda

“Mandy is an amazing speaker! She is fun, confident, and full of positive and uplifting words. Her personal story is so inspiring, encouraging, and a message of hope for everyone…it’s so cool to hear what can be accomplished with faith, determination, and hard work. Any audience would be blessed by her!” – Jandi Theis

“These ladies are rocking it in 2015. Keep up the good work ladies. Thank you for an amazing day. Great day on the couch.” ~Kristi Tait Anderson

“Mandy is a great life coach with high energy and an awesome personality. Her classes were informative, easy to understand, and applicable to my lifestyle. Thanks Mandy!” ~Jillian L., ICA Employee