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7 Books That Will Change Your Life

The Girls on the Big Blue Couch™ Show

Episode 44

They say that leaders are readers and whether you realize it or not, each and every one of you is a leader in some capacity. If you have influence (no matter how small) you are a leader!

Every leader needs tools to live their life well. Books are tools! Here on the big blue couch, we love to read. So today, we decided to share with you seven tools (books!) that can change your life if you let them. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

#1: Crash the Chatterbox by Steven Furtick

#2: Love & Respect by Dr. Emmerson Eggerichs

#3: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

#4: Grooming the Next Generation for Success by Dani Johnson

#5: The Best Yes by Lysa Terkhurst

#6: Crucial Conversations by Patterson, Grenny, McMillan, and Switzler

#7: #BeMore: 77 Secrets to Living Your Powerful Life by Sandi Krakowski

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