5 Ways to Kill Your Marriage Podcast

5 Ways to Kill Your Marriage

Welcome to the Girls on the Big Blue Couch™ Show Episode 23. Today we are talking about marriage. Specifically, the behaviors that can kill your marriage. 

Let’s face it ladies, we all can bring unhealthy behaviors into our marriages and if we don’t make changes – can destroy it. This show is going to be touchy. It’s going to be rough. It might even hurt a little. But Ladies, if you don’t change it…these behaviors will kill your marriage.



5 Behaviors that Kill Your Marriage:

  1. Rolling your eyes, name-calling, or being sarcastic.
  2. Using insults and comparisons “You’re just like your father.” (mother, sister, brother, friend, ect.)
  3. Expecting or assuming the worse from your spouse in any given situation.
  4. Bringing up old arguments or mistakes.
  5. Disconnecting from your spouse emotionally or physically for punishment.

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