5 Things to Overcome in 2016

5 Things to Overcome in 2016

by Coach Mandy

Happy New Year!!! Can you believe another year has come and gone? Time seems to fly by so fast…and if we’re not intentional, we can live our entire lives completely trapped by silly things. But that’s not going to be us this year. Let’s declare it together! 2016 is going to be a year of ABUNDANCE! A year of VICTORY! How exactly? Well, the how is completely up to God, but there are some things you can do to make sure your perspective is lined up with what He wants to bless you with. Here’s a short list of 5 things to overcome in 2016 so you can be set up for all that God has for you!

1. The Victim Mentality – Seriously. You are not a victim! You are actually the opposite. A victorious overcomer destined for a life free of the bondage that this victim mentality has kept you stuck in. Overcome this by making an agreement with the truth that you are victorious. Say it out loud – even if it doesn’t feel real right now! Our words are powerful and speaking God’s truth over our lives is an important part of living victoriously. Rise up Overcomer! It’s time.

2. Your Past Mistakes – Mistakes don’t mean you’ve failed. They actually mean you were in the process of learning something new. Did you give up walking as a toddler just because you made the mistake of falling a few times? NO! You got back up and kept at it. You mastered the skill of putting one foot in front of the other to walk upright instead of crawling everywhere for the rest of your life. Start seeing your mistakes the same way! That’s all they are – learning moments. Perfect opportunities to strengthen new skills, maybe switch up what isn’t working, and get back up. As many times as it takes. Rise up Overcomer! It’s time.

3. The Urge to Run From Conflict – I know, I know. Conflict isn’t fun. Let’s admit that, and then stop dwelling on it. Conflict can be as simple as a disagreement or a difference in opinion, or it can be as big as a battle. It doesn’t matter what kind of conflict you run into – Overcomers know that running from conflict is the victim’s way of dealing with it. Stop that! Pull up your big girl (or boy) pants and face it head on! If this is difficult or uncomfortable for you, learn some skills in how to handle it with honor. Stop running from conflict. When that urge to flee flutters across your heart, overcome it by facing it courageously. Rise up Overcomer! It’s time.

4. Your Fears – You’ve lived with them too long. This is the year to overcome them. To face them. To let them make you stronger. If you’ve got a lot of fears, start with just one. Work on doing one thing every day to overcome that fear and by the end of 2016, you’ll laugh at how fearful you used to be. Rise up Overcomer! It’s time.

5. The Mindsets, Habits, and Expectations That Hold You Back – We’ve all got them. Silly little thoughts, patterns, quirky habits, and outrageous expectations that we put on ourselves to try and fit society’s view of who we should be. Enough! Be YOU. That’s what you were put here for in the first place. God delights in you and He has given you everything you need to fulfill your life purpose. Identify those mindsets, habits, and expectations and then choose to overcome them. Rise up Overcomer! It’s time.

This is the year to overcome. This is YOUR year to overcome. We’ll do it together…because 2016 is a brand new opportunity. I can’t wait to meet you next year and discover all that you’ve overcome!

Much love,

~Coach Mandy






2 comments on “5 Things to Overcome in 2016”

  1. Faith Gaspare

    The problem I have. I try to accomplish and do. I, then, get told I did not accomplish what I set out to do. I find myself throwing a pity, guilt, shame and hurt. I sit and wait until my mom comes and we sit and talk about what I should have done. Yes, I fit all those goals.

    • The Girls

      Faith, thank you for sharing. Many people feel this way at times. My question for you, and anyone else in your shoes, is this: which 1 of those 5 things will you commit to overcoming this year? No more excuses. No more pity parties. No more walking like a victim. Pick 1 of those 5 and practice it all year long. When we make a choice to rise above our circumstances, crazy things happen! If you need help with this, join us at the Beautiful Wholeness Conference on February 6th! We would love to equip you with the skills you need.

      We believe in you, Faith!
      ~Coach Mandy

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