5 Minutes to Brave Guided Journal

5mintobrave-5005 Minutes to Brave Guided Journal 

A 10 day Journey to help you Boost your Bravery & Courage 

Writing your thoughts and emotions is an incredibly effective way to process difficult seasons in your life, gain perspective, and even bring clarity from chaos. But sometimes it’s hard to just sit down and write what you are thinking or feeling! Like, how how do you even start?? 

That’s where we come in…photo-nov-23-9-57-10-am

The “5 Minutes to Brave Guided Journal” is a brand-new interactive coaching tool that helps you wake up the fearless woman inside you! She’s probably buried under the yoga pants and scrunchies…and gallons of coffee 😉

A guided journal helps you harness the creative healing power of writing…with a little nudge in the right direction with thought provoking, encouraging, and insightful questions. 

  • Discover what being brave and courageous really means. 
  • Celebrate what you are doing well.
  • Ample space to write, doodle, and color to your hearts content.
  • A safe, practical, and private place for reflection and personal growth.
  • PDF download- Immediate access to start your 10 day journey TODAY!

Unleash your creativity and capture the essence of you in a brand new way with the “5 Minutes to Brave” Guided Journal.

Absolutely FREE!! No strings attached. 

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