5 Benefits of Pausing

5 Benefits of Pausing

By: Mandy B. Anderson

What has been devouring your energy? Maybe it’s your smart phone and the social media apps that overwhelm you with each notification. Maybe it’s your project list at home that never gets finished. Maybe it’s your job and the endless demands that meet you every morning. Maybe it’s the task of running your kids around town to every activity. Maybe it’s the lack of quality time with your spouse.

Chances are good that something has been devouring your energy.

Dear friend, I invite you to pause. Take a deep breathe and step aside from the endless demands. Steal back those precious moments that are right in front of you. Designate a day of rest in your home, or even a handful of moments to unplug and rest your weary heart, soul, and mind.

Pause. Relax. Refresh. Recharge. On purpose.

The benefits that await you far outweigh the excuses…

1. Freedom – when you can intentionally set aside your responsibilities in order to take care of your inner self, you find freedom. You are no longer a slave to your to-do list, your job, or the pressures of life!

2. Better health – resting and taking time for YOU helps you relieve stress. It also helps your body heal at a cellular level.

3. Peace – a woman who lives a peaceful life is a woman who lives a beautifully whole and happy life. Peace doesn’t just happen; you must choose peace.

4. Clarity of mind – living in the haze of stress and overwhelm is the perfect recipe for scatter brain. You were designed for more than that. A clear mind only happens when we intentionally choose to pause, recharge, and let ourselves breathe.

5. God Inspired Self-Worth – a beautifully whole woman is a woman who knows her worth. If you never take time for yourself, you never get the chance to find your self-worth. And you miss out on the deep relationship that God is yearning to have with you.

Dear Friend, I invite you to take the time to pause, and experience these benefits for yourself. 

May you be blessed, be healthy, and be inspired.

~Coach Mandy