3 Tips to Reprogram Your Mind for Better Body Image

3 Tips to Reprogram Your Mind for Better Body Image

Welcome to our show! We’re so thrilled to be back on the air with you! Welcome to the first episode of the Girls on the Big Blue Couch Show!

Show notes…

Before we get to today’s topic, you might be wondering what in the world is this big blue couch about? In a nutshell – it’s a real couch!In 2011, with two kids and one on the way, we needed to purchase a new couch for our new home. It was huge, blue, and on clearance. It was perfect. Little did we know what the couch would someday mean for our family and for Mandy and I…Things took a dramatic shift in 2012 for Mandy and I. In a season of deep depression and sickness, the couch became a spot for the best of friends to talk and encourage each other. It was the ultimate safe place for hurting hearts, and many sleep overs have been had within it’s trusting cushions. The Big Blue Couch isn’t just your average piece of furniture. It’s the place you run to when life happens. Without this couch, there would be no Big Blue Couch™ Coaching.

So that’s our story. As you can imagine, rising up from depression and sickness has its own challenges, such as…
• feeling frumpy
• living in your gray sweatpants or pink fluffy bathrobe
• gaining weight
• losing too much weight
• not recognizing yourself in the mirror
• avoiding mirrors altogether
• Really just feeling confident in your own skin is challenging

During the process we learned 3 skills that helped us rise up, feel better about ourselves, and get up off of the blue couch! Our passion is to equip you to do the same!

So grab your pen and paper, make mental notes, and apply these cause here they come…

3 Tips To Reprogram Your Mind for Better Body Image:

#1 Feed Your Mind Truth

#2 Pay Attention To What Your Body Tells You

#3 Forgive Those Who Say Hurtful Things