10 Ways to Love and Respect Your Spouse 

10 Ways to Love and Respect Your Spouse 

by, Raychel Chumley

When it comes to expressing and giving love and respect men and women are very different. This is crucial because the truth is most men feel loved when they feel respected by their wives. Husbands, the exact opposite is true for your wife! She will feel respected and cared for when you act loving towards her. A couple that can love and respect each other will be able to resolve conflict quicker, and have a stronger and healthier marriage.

It’s more natural for a woman to be loving. Respect is a little more confusing. We are naturally nurturers and love is like second nature for many of us. But, love and respect are not the same thing; and, they are expressed in very different ways. You can tell your husband over and over again “I love you.” But, if he feels disrespected in your actions, your tone of voice, or your behavior, he will not feel loved by you.

Respect is second nature for a man.Loving someone is a little more difficult. You cannot treat your wife the same way you treat the other man in your life and expect her to feel loved and cherished. Your wife needs you to act loving towards her to feel loved and respected by you.

Respect- “Esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person, a personal quality or ability. To show regard or consideration for. To refrain from interfering with.”

Love – “A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. Sexual passion or desire. To have love or affection for. To need or require or deeply benefit from.”

When you really look at the definitions of the words “Love” and “Respect,” you can see the difference between the two! The two are not the same. You need both love and respect in your marriage! 

You can get in behavior patterns that can be anything but loving and respectful. You need to change those patterns to get a different product in your marriage. To get your started here are five ways to respect your husband and five ways love your wife.

10 Ways to Love and Respect Your Spouse 

  1. Ladies, tell him verbally or in writing that you value his work and his willingness to protect and care for your family.
  2. Be his biggest fan! Praise his good decisions and be gracious if he makes bad decisions.
  3. Understand his physical need for sex and respond to him instead of pushing him away
  4. Tell him that you LIKE him. He knows you LOVE him but sometimes he wonders whether you actually like him.
  5. Recognize his need for his friends. Don’t bash the time he spends with his friends thinking he will spend more time with you…it won’t work!
  6. Men, Be affectionate without sexual intentions. Hold her hand, give her a hug, or rub her back…no strings attached.
  7. Give her your full attention when she is talking to you. Don’t grunt responses while you are watching TV or on the computer.
  8. Apologize and admit when you are wrong.
  9. Never dismiss her feelings…even when they seem irrational to you.
  10. Show her you’re loyal and committed. Don’t look at other women lustfully.

When it comes to love and respect, your feelings will follow your actions. I promise that once you start acting loving or respectful towards your spouse your will start feeling loving and respectful. Love and respect are practical. They both take action. It just takes a little practice and a willingness to learn some new ways to love your spouse is a way that is meaningful to them. If you  make loving your wife,  and respecting your husband, a priority and you will resolve conflict quicker and build a stronger foundation for your marriage.

Have a beautiful day,

~Coach Raychel