10 Random Things…part 2

10 Random Things…part 2

The Girls on the Big Blue Couch™ Show

Episode 53

After a few weeks of some important, yet heavy topics, we figured it’s time for a laugh! Today we dive into part 2 of one of our most listened to episodes: 10 Random Things. Listen in and get to know 10 more random things that you didn’t know about Mandy and Raychel! (Such as which one of us loses things and which one gags at the thought of wet paper!)


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2 comments on “10 Random Things…part 2”

  1. Holly Vigesaa

    I adore assessments, quizzes, and tests–any and all. Also counseling. Most people think I’m crazy.

  2. Holly Vigesaa

    Oh—I also share your phone fear… I HATE answering phone calls or making them–involving almost everyone.

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